Character Creation

Player characters are Tango Company Space Marines who have just survived the crash of their dropship in hostile territory. The scenario is intended for 3-4 players, but could be adjusted to accommodate whatever number the GM is comfortable with … for fewer players, let each player control more characters, and vice versa.

Each character begins play with the Standard Loadout from their template … custom substitutions from the character's gear list (or at the GM's option, tech-appropriate devices from Ultra-Tech) may be available upon request.

By default, each player begins Stage I of the scenario with:

1. A single 250-point Marine: Powered Infantry Officer or Senior NCO, Field Medic, Field Techie, or Medevac Pilot; and

2. Two 200-point Marines: one regular Marine, plus one Firebat, Marauder, SAW, Reaper, or additional regular Marine.

Stage I -IV Sample Characters

Standard Marines

Support & Irregular Marines

Marine Officers & Specialists

Stage V switches to a single character per player. One of:

1. A Ghost Recon Marine, with a 100-point specialist lens or 50-point Officer Lens, and 100-150 in additional abilities to bring them to 600 points total; or

2. A Protoss Dark Templar, High Templar, or Zealot, with 100-200 points in additional abilities to bring them to 600 points total; or

3. Choose any one surviving PC from Stage I, and add traits to bring them to 500 points total, chosen from among improved Attributes or Secondary Characteristics, additional template traits, Daredevil [15], Enhanced Dodge 1-3 [15/level], Gunslinger [25], Luck [15, 30, or 60], Serendipity [15/level], Wild Talent [20/level], or other mundane or cinematic advantages.

Stage V Sample Characters



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