Force Blades

Psi-Blade – Force Sword
Most Protoss battlesuits have a built-in Psi-Blade in one gauntlet.
Statistics: Damage 6dx2(5) cut inc; Reach C,1; Parry -1. (dDmg 1d+1(5).)

Psi-Blade, Gauntlet – Force Sword
Zealot power-suits have two heavy Psi-Blade Gauntlets instead of a single blade.
Statistics: Damage 6dx3(5) cut inc; Reach C,1; Parry 0. (dDmg 2d-1(5).)

Psi-Glaive – Force Staff
A more powerful psi-blade at the end of a long staff, most often seen in the hands of Zealots.
Statistics: Damage 6dx4(5) cut inc; Reach 2-4*; Parry 0. (dDmg 2d+2(5).)

Warp Blade – Force Sword
The signature weapon of the Dark Templar, the deadly Warp Blade can cut through most anything.
Statistics: Damage 8dx2(10) cut corr; Reach 1,2; Parry 0. (dDmg 1d+3(10).)

Warp Scythe – Force Staff
Twin Warp Blades, attached at either end of a staff, but angled perpendicularly to resemble a double-ended scythe. Capable of making Dual Weapon Attacks.
Statistics: Damage 6dx2(10) cut corr; Reach 1,2; Parry 0. (dDmg 1d+1(10).)

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