Game Over, Man!

A Bug Hunt in Five Stages

About two weeks ago, long-range sensors first picked up Zerg Leviathans approaching the Aldebaran System from deep space. Being a remote star-system on the fringes of Terran space, with only a handful of “shake-n-bake” terraforming colonies and industrial/mining facilities scattered among various planets, moons, and asteroids, they had no organized defense network… all they could do was to signal for help, begin evacuation, and hope they got off-world before the first Zerg drop-pods made landfall.

However, the Terran Dominion knows that if the Zerg get a foothold in the system, they'll use it as a launching-point for deeper incursions into Terran Space. And if the Protoss catch wind of Zerg infestation, they'll be along to “cleanse” the Aldebaran System, rendering it uninhabitable and virtually devoid of extractable resources.

And so Admiral Horatio “Bud” Nelson, in command of the Gorgon-Class Battle Cruiser Megaera, has been sent to see that they don't get a foothold. Although the closest Terran military starship, the Megaera was still nearly two weeks away from the Aldebaran System … they arrived just in time to see the Zerg Leviathans entering orbit around the fourth planet, home to a terraforming colony designated LV-427. Determined to aid in the colonists' evacuation, and to establish their own foothold on the surface before it was overrun, he ordered his Space Marine Expeditionary Unit to prepare for deployment.

Things went south fast. As the force descended from orbit to secure the location Admiral Nelson had selected for a primary base, a swarm of Scourge scattered the fighters and dropships, destroying several and damaging others. One dropship, transporting squads from Tango Company (“The Disposable Heroes”), took multiple hits to the primary thrusters and aft hull, and came down hard in the no-man's land near LV-427's (now-evacuated) primary habitat.

Breaking free of the crash-web foam and crawling from the wreckage, the survivors of Tango Company find themselves in the rocky, inhospitable wasteland of Aldebaran-4. Battlesuit sensors show that the nearest Terran structure is the LV-427 habitat (dubbed “Rock Ridge Station” by the colonists), several miles away, and no one is able to reach any friendlies on suit comms. If the survivors move quickly, they just might be able to make it to the habitat, use its long-range comm arrays to contact the Megaera or the SMEU's planetary base, and fortify for long enough to hold out for reinforcements or evacuation. If not, they'll be overwhelmed and torn apart by the approaching Swarm.

Game Over, Man! is an introductory scenario for GURPS StarCraft, requiring at a minimum the Basic Set (both volumes) and Ultra-Tech for the basic RPG/tactical game, and optionally, Mass Combat to play out the larger-scale conflict.

Character Creation

Stage I — Dropship Down

Stage II — Quiet … Too Quiet

Stage III — Battening Down the Hatches

Stage IV — The Swarm

Stage V — The Only Way to be Sure

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