Heavy Powered Combat Suit

Designed for squad support roles, these are similar to standard Powered Combat Suits, but considerably larger and stronger. They're fitted with thicker armor, and dual heavy Weapon Mounts for hands. However, they completely lack articulated gloves or other fine manipulators, preventing the wearer from using any hand-operated devices or weaponry while in the suit. Further, the weapon mounts are fixed – attached weapons can be switched, but doing so requires an hour in the shop and an Armoury (Heavy Weapons) roll. To alleviate this shortcoming, most Heavy Combat Suits have a special secondary mount-point that can attach a smart-gun capable weapon of Bulk -4 or smaller (e.g. an assault carbine or combat shotgun); the weapon's arc of fire is generally limited to the suit's front, but it at least allows a little versatility in firepower.

Advantages & Components: As Powered Combat Suit, but DR 100/80*, SM +2, Lifting & Striking ST +15, Suit HP 30, Extra Attack 1 (Linked Fire Control†), dual Weapon Mounts (one per arm), which can mount Standard or Heavy/Support weapons, and a secondary (small-arms) mount. Weight 500 lbs (doesn't count as encumbrance as long as suit has power).

Disadvantages: No Fine Manipulators.
†If identical weapons are attached to both Weapon Mounts, they can both be targeted and fired in the same turn – either at the same target, or using the computer Extra Tracking (Multiple Lock-Ons).

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