Hostile Environment Suit

Environmentally-sealed, pressurized, climate-controlled and radiation-shielded TacSuit (p. UT178), with Space Combat Helmet (p. UT180) and light trauma plates on limbs and torso, but without a powered exoskeleton or other strength/mobility-enhancing cybernetics. (For simplicity, it uses the DR and Weight stats of a Combat Hardsuit, p. UT180.) Standard-issue for light (non-powered) infantry, and often worn by combat pilots in the cockpit. Like the Light Combat Suit, it lacks any Weapon Mounts, but has well-articulated gloves, so doesn't impose Bad Grip and Ham-Fisted. And unlike powered armor, the wearer's DX and DX-based skills aren't limited by Battlesuit skill (although Battlesuit skill can still be used to don or remove the suit). Ghost Recon uses a special “psionically-enhanced” version of this suit, below.

Advantages & Components: As Powered Combat Suit, but DR 40/20*, SM 0, no Lifting & Striking ST, Suit HP, Basic Move bonus, Enhanced Move, or Stim-Pack Injector. Weight 30 lbs.

“Ghost Recon” HES: Psionically-reactive fibers woven into the skin of this specially-customized tacsuit allows a properly-trained psi (i.e. a Ghost) to enhance his strength and mobility like a powered suit, as well as increasing the protection and resilience of the armor itself. The suit also works naturally with the wearer's psionic Invisibility. When worn by a fully-trained Ghost Recon Marine, such a suit grants DR 60/40*, Lifting & Striking ST +5, Basic Speed +1.00, Enhanced Move 0.5 (Ground), Invisibility (Extended: Hyperspectral, IR, and UV; Switchable; Costs Fatigue), Super Jump 1. Weight 35 lbs (doesn't count as encumbrance when worn by a trained Ghost).

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