These Zerg, easily the size of a horse, spit hyper-velocity needles (which they produce as rapidly as they fire, via an internal organ) as powerful as a heavy rifle. They can't fire them anywhere near the rate of a Terran machine gun, but they tend to travel in numbers which make up for this.

ST: 50 HP: 50 Speed: 7.00
DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 8/16
IQ: 8 Per: 12
HT: 14 FP: 14 SM: +2
Dodge: 11 Parry: 14

DR: 60 (Can't Wear Armor; Hardened 1)

Bite (18): 7d(2) imp, Reach C,1. (dDmg 1d-1(2).)
Claws (18): 8d(2) cut or imp, Reach C,1. (dDmg 1d-1(2).)
Needle (22): 15d(2) imp, Range 500/1000, Acc 5, RoF 1. (dDmg 1d+2(2).)

Traits: Zerg; Enhanced Move 1 (Ground); No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (Slithers).

Skills: Brawling-18; Innate Attack-22.

Hydralisk Variants
• “Muscular Augments” – Enhanced Move 2 (Ground: 32).
• “Grooved Spines” – Needle damage becomes 15d(3) imp.

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