Light Powered Combat Suit

Light battlesuits are optimized for irregular and support troops (medics, scouts, techs, etc). They have less armor, and lack any weapon mounts, but better glove articulation and external tactile sensors allow the wearer to use ordinary small arms and hand-held devices without penalty. Light Combat Suits usually feature a better computer (Fast hardware option, Complexity 6), loaded with software tools and suit accessories relevant to their field of expertise – see below for examples.

Advantages & Components: As Powered Combat Suit, but SM 0, Lifting & Striking ST +6, Suit HP 20, DR 60/40*, and no Auto-Loader, Stim-Pack Injector, or Weapon Mounts. Weight 100 lbs (doesn't count as encumbrance as long as suit has power).

Disadvantages: Remove Bad Grip and Ham-Fisted.

Medic's Suit: Accessories include a Crash Kit (p. UT198) and basic Medical Supplies (p. UT199), with common anti-toxins (p. UT196), bandage spray (p. UT197), plasti-skin (p. 198), a pneumo-hypo (p. UT199) with a full assortment of emergency drugs, and embedded medical software and diagnostic databases. Requires Electronics Operation (Medical) to use; gives +2 equipment bonus to First Aid (restores 1d+1 HP), Diagnosis, Pharmacy (Synthetic), and Physician (2 care rolls/day), and allows field Surgery at only -3. Removed from the suit, the portable medical computer and kit weighs 20 lbs.

Techie's Suit: Accessories include a universal portable tool kit (p. UT82), with modular tools and embedded diagnostic programs and schematic databases, as well as built-in Small Fire Extinguisher (p. UT87) and Laser/Plasma Torch (2d(2) cut inc or 2d(5) burn; p. UT80). Use of the suit allows unpenalized use of Armoury, Electrician, Electronics Repair, and Mechanic skills for field repairs, and even provides a +2 equipment bonus for routine tasks (cleaning, weapon-mount swap-outs, minor maintenance & repairs, etc). If using only the suit's tools, major repairs or modifications suffer a -3 or more equipment penalty. Removed from the suit, the portable tech computer and kit weighs 20 lbs.

“Reaper's” Jet-Pack Suit: Signature of the Reaper irregular infantry, this battlesuit features an integrated jet-pack – similar to a Helipack (p. UT230), but incapable of full flight at normal gravity, and able to operate in trace/vacuum conditions. Combined with enhanced load-bearing and shock-absorbing leg hydraulics, this gives the wearer the equivalent of Catfall, Enhanced Move 2 (Ground), and Super Jump 3. Extra computer capacity is used by flight control and navigation systems; the suit is flown using Piloting (Flight Pack). Detached, the jet-pack weighs 200 lbs, but the suit's design cancels the encumbrance as long as the suit has power.

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