Lurker or Impaler
Evolved from hydralisks, these primarily-defensive strains burrow into the ground, concealing themselves and then projecting their spines or tendrils up to surprise passing troops and vehicles. They can only use their primary (ranged) attacks when burrowed.

ST: 50 HP: 50 Speed: 7.00
DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 8/16
IQ: 8 Per: 12
HT: 14 FP: 14 SM: +2
Dodge: 11 Parry: 14

DR: 60 (Can't Wear Armor; Hardened 1)

Bite (18): 7d(2) imp, Reach C,1. (dDmg 1d-1(2).)
Claws (18): 8d(2) cut or imp, Reach C,1. (dDmg 1d-1(2).)
Spines (Lurker) (22): 12d(2) imp, Range 10 (Jet), Acc 3, RoF 8. Only when burrowed. (dDmg 1d+1(2).)
Tendril-Maw (Impaler) (22): 24d(2) cut, Range 20, Acc 3, RoF 1. Only when burrowed (dDmg 2d+2(2).)

Attack From Below: When burrowed, and only when burrowed, a Lurker or Impaler can make an attack that bursts up from the ground to strike foes. This functions like an Attack From Above (p. B402), but the victim is at -8 to spot a burrowed Lurker or Impaler, and -4 to defend (-2 if he's specifically paying attention to the ground, in which case he's at -2 to defend against attacks from other angles).

Traits: Zerg; Chameleon 4 (Only when burrowed); Enhanced Move 1 (Ground); Extra Legs (4 Legs); Vibration Sense (Earth); No Fine Manipulators.

Skills: Brawling-18; Camouflage-16; Innate Attack-22; Stealth-16.

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