Powered Combat Suit

The standard-issue Marine infantry battlesuit is 8 feet tall and bulky, with articulated armor plates concentrated around the skull and torso, extended ammo pack with auto-loader, and armored tactical visor. The powered gloves have difficulty with fine motor tasks – including the use of normal small arms and hand-held devices – but they're able to serve as Weapon Mounts for appropriate (battlesuit-specific) weapons, allowing the use of guns much too heavy for non-powered infantry. Although each glove is technically capable of attaching and interfacing with a separate weapon, battlesuit-scale longarms are generally too large for a standard combat suit to wield effectively in one hand, limiting dual-wielding to one-handed guns such as SMGs. Also standard is a shoulder mount for a single-shot 64mm IML.

Advantages: DR 80/60*, SM +1, Lifting & Striking ST +10, Suit HP 20, Basic Move +2, Danger Sense (Proximity Detector & Tactical ESM), Enhanced Move 0.5 (Ground), Filter Lungs, Pressure Support 2, Protected Senses (All), Radiation Tolerance 10, Sealed, Temperature Tolerance 20, Vacuum Support.

Disadvantages: Bad Grip 2 and Ham-Fisted 2. These penalties apply when using any normal-sized weapon or hand-held device that's not fitted with a battlesuit-compatible interface.

Integrated Components: Air Tanks w/ Recycler (72hrs), Auto-Loader System, Biomonitor (+1 to medical rolls to treat the wearer's injuries), Gripboots (Climbing +1; Kick damage +1/die; Sure-Footed), IR-Cloaking and Radar Stealth (-4 to detect with infrared or radar), Provision Dispenser (1wk), Striking Surface (Punch damage +1), Waste Relief System, Hyperspectral Imaging Visor, Multi-Comms, Stim-Pack Injector, 10 Suit Patches, TacNet Computer, a modular Weapon Mount in the form of powered articulated gloves, and an IML 64mm shoulder-mount. Weight 200 lbs (doesn't count as encumbrance as long as suit has power).
*Higher DR applies to the skull, torso, and vitals; lower DR is vs. all other hit locations.

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