Powered Infantry Officer Or Senior NCO

Added to a Powered Infantry template, this lens creates a (250-point) squad-level NCO, Platoon Officer, or Company Commander, outfitted for combat in the field with the troops. Added to a Ghost Recon character, it creates a SpecOps officer.

Powered Infantry Lens: Officer or Senior NCO (+50 points)

Advantages: Born War Leader 2* [10]; Military Rank 2 (Sergeant) [10]. • Another 20 points chosen from among IQ +1 [20], Born War Leader 3-4* [5/level], Charisma 1-4 [5/level], or improve Military Rank to Rank 3 (Lieutenant) [5] or Rank 4 (Captain) [10].

Skills: Intelligence Analysis (H) IQ+2 [4]*; Leadership (A) IQ+2 [2]*; and Strategy (H) IQ+2 [4]*.
*Born War Leader adds to Intelligence Analysis, Leadership, Savoir-Faire (Military), Strategy, and Tactics.

Sample Marine Officers

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