Protoss are a race of technologically-advanced psionic warrior-philosophers, who are psychically connected to a sort of "Telepathic Archive" of their ancestors. A priest caste, the Templars, direct Protoss society, though most Protoss are linked directly into the psionic gestalt. (Those who aren't connected to the gestalt are religious dissidents, "Dark Templars," who are often at odds with mainstream Protoss society.)

Somewhere between Jedi and Klingons in outlook and demeanor, with an appearance remniscent of Little Gray Men on a massive Steroids-and-Creatine bulk-up routine, they seem to worship an ancient Precursor race called the Xel'Naga (who may also be the source of their psionically-based TL11-12^ technology, and/or their actual genetic ancestors). Despite their amazing psionic technology and powers, the Protoss appear to be a civilization in decline. They demonstrate a deep and abiding hatred of the Zerg, and will relentlessly attempt to "cleanse" any system that shows signs of Zerg infestation. Cleansing is accomplished by wiping out every life form on every infested planet, making it generally unpopular with the locals.

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