Protoss Aerospace Units

Protoss aerospace craft have contragrav maneuver drives (+4 to handling), and fusion drives for trans-atmospheric and space flight; all require Piloting (Contragrav) and (High-Performance Spacecraft).

Arbiter - Support Craft, Space-Warping abilities

Carrier - Robotic Assault Carrier, deploys Interceptor drones

Corsair - Aerospace Superiority Fighter

Mothership - Giant Space Dominance Craft, Purifier Beam & Space-Warping abilities

Observer - Cloaked Recon Drone

Oracle - Recon & Support Warship

Phoenix - Aerospace Strike-Fighter

Scout - Long-Range Aerospace Fighter

Tempest - Siege Warship

Void Ray - Support Craft, Prismatic Laser

Warp Prism - Transport Shuttle

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