Protoss Equipment

Protoss technology is primarily based on the species' native ability with and understanding of psionics – devices are powered by psi-energy, and rely on psychotronic developments rather than conventional (Terran) physics. Various kinds of psi-resonant crystals are at the heart of most technologies: psi-energy matrices provide limitless beamed power, and crystalline quantum computing allows for sophisticated telepathic AI. Armor and other materials are psionically assembled and “tuned” at the subatomic level to have the optimal characteristics needed for the task at hand; “plasma shields” (ablative, regenerating telekinetic force fields) protect everything from individual warriors to vehicles and structures. Weapons either focus destructive psionic energy directly, or use it to contain/direct/propel other destructive forces (antimatter, photons, etc).

In GURPS terms, the Protoss are roughly TL11-12^ (Psi-Tech) overall. Electronic devices and components are primarily psychotronic, and resist attacks that would normally affect electronics (HT +8 vs. EMP, surges, etc); they're also psionically hardened, but less so (HT +3 vs. psi-static or jamming, etc). Physically, they're extremely rugged (HT +8 to resist physical shocks, etc). They operate by telepathic interface, and can only be used by Protoss (or someone with equivalent forms of Mind Reading and Telesend, as well as sufficient understanding for the use of Protoss-based TL skills); most military gear is psionically-imprinted to the owner, and will only respond to him, unless psychically re-attuned or “hacked.”

Protoss Power Armor

Protoss Weapons

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