Protoss Integrated Components

Crystalline Computer w/ Psi-Gestalt Link
Integrated computers in Protoss power suits and war vehicles begin at Complexity 7, with telepathically-bonded psionic interfaces. The computer focuses and amplifies the wearer's connection to the psi-gestalt of his tribe, providing the equivalent of a secure comm-network that defies electromagnetic jamming (but is subject to psi-jamming), but can simulate electromagnetic signals (e.g. to communicate with Terran infidels). The computer and gestalt provide the equivalent of IFF Software (Hitting the Wrong Target is 6 or lower vs. teammates); Silhouette Software (loaded with psi-signature databases for common Protoss, Terran & Zerg weapons, vehicles & species); TacNet Software (+2 to Tactics when coordinating with team); Targeting Software (+2 to skill when using a HUD-capable smart-gun and visor); and Target Tracking Software (Enhanced Tracking w/ Multiple Lock-Ons).

Death-Warp System
Protoss teleportation technology allows a peculiar form of reincarnation: a warrior's psionic essence is pulled back through the gestalt at the moment of death, spared from ultimate demise by instead recycling through the Collective, and into a new biological body – or, if his death was glorious enough, a deadly cybershell.
Statistics: Grants the wearer a combination of Fragile (Unnatural) and Unkillable 3 – upon reaching -1xHP, instead of making a death check, the wearer is warped back to his Tribe's gestalt. For tactical purposes, this is the equivalent of death; the character is removed from the battle, counted as a casualty, etc. But his distinctive consciousness (or as much individuality as survives passing through the Collective) can be reincarnated into an available Protoss clone or cybershell. This in no way grants other teleportation abilities (e.g. Warp) that the character otherwise lacks.

Energy Cloth (p. UT174)
Protoss clothing is psionically-reactive, reflexively producing a telekinetic force when exposed to sufficient energy. This effect is already taken into account in power suit armor, and applies only when not wearing heavier armor (i.e. doesn't stack w/ battlesuit DR). It only works for Protoss, or others with comparable psionic abilities. It does stack with a personal (belt-sized) Plasma Shield Generator.
Statistics: DR 30 (flexible), vs. all types of physical damage. 8 lbs for a full suit.

Plasma Shield Generator (p. UT191)
Virtually every Protoss war-machine, from an individual drone or power suit to the largest vehicle, has a plasma shield generator, which creates a conformal protective force field around the object. In effect, it's identical to the psychokinetic force field generated by Archons, and the most powerful psis – fully ablative force field DR, which ignores all but the best armor divisors, and slowly regenerates after soaking damage.
Statistics: DR (Ablative, Force Field, Hardened 3); Regeneration (1 or more DR/sec, Plasma Shields only). A belt-sized or suit-integrated unit provides around DR 60 (regenerate 1 DR/sec), and weights 5 lbs as an independent device. A standard cybershell or small vehicle unit provides DR 150-200 (regenerate 10 DR/sec), into the high hundreds for larger vehicles and small structures; capital ships and large structures can have DR in the thousands (regenerate 100 DR/sec).

Psionic Ultrascanner (p. UT66)
Battlesuit and vehicle sensors scan not only the electromagnetic spectrum, but are receptive to psionic energies and resonances, providing an unparalleled panopticon of information, all processed and prioritized by the suit's computer, and telepathically-projected into the wearer's consciousness.
Statistics: Absolute Direction, Absolute Timing, Accessory (HUD), Acute Vision 4, Detect (EM Radiation; Analyzing; Precise), Detect (Psionic Energy; Analyzing; Precise), Hyperspectral Vision, Night Vision 9, Protected Sense (Vision), Telescopic Vision 3.

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