Protoss Vehicles & Robots

Protoss war machines and vehicles have integrated crystalline computers, psi-gestalt links, and ultra-scanning sensor suites equivalent to those installed in battlesuits. All have some level of Plasma Shields.

Many Protoss vehicles are robotic, though some aerospace craft (particularly fighters and direct combat support craft) have living pilots.

Protoss Robot (Meta-Trait)
Protoss robots are controlled by psionic AI, embedded in the robot's crystalline computer core. Psi-crystal communicators tie them into the telepathic gestalt, and most have psychokinetic lenses that allow them to interact with their environment via telekinesis.

Advantages: AI (p. B263); Dark Vision; Detect (Psionic Energy); Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Indomitable; Machine (p. B263); Mind Reading; Mind Shield 4; Modular Abilities (Computer Brain); Pressure Support 3; Protected Senses (Hearing, Vision); Radiation Tolerance 10; Sealed; Temperature Tolerance 20; Telesend; Unfazeable; Vacuum Support.

Disadvantages: Automaton; Electrical (Psychotronic; Super-Hardened); No Manipulators; No Sense of Taste/Smell; Sense of Duty (Protoss Tribe).

Protoss Land Units

Protoss Aerospace Units

  • Arbiter - Support Craft, Space-Warping abilities
  • Carrier - Robotic Assault Carrier, deploys Interceptor drones
  • Corsair - Aerospace Superiority Fighter
  • Mothership - Giant Space Dominance Craft, Purifier Beam & Space-Warping abilities
  • Observer - Cloaked Recon Drone
  • Phoenix - Aerospace Strike-Fighter
  • Scout - Long-Range Aerospace Fighter
  • Tempest - Siege Warship
  • Void Ray - Support Craft, Prismatic Laser
  • Warp Prism - Transport Shuttle

Protoss Vehicular Weapons

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