Protoss Weapons

Most Protoss weapons are based on psi-energy, whether focusing pure psychokinetic force, or using it to direct other kinds of destructive energy. All are controlled psionically more than physically, requiring the usual suite of psionic abilities (common to all Protoss) to wield; Protoss weapons have no physical trigger to pull, rounds to chamber, or even power cells to replace. Embedded psi-crystal computers provide the equivalent of smart-gun electronics (p. B278), and psychic targeting acts as Multispectral Laser Sights (+1 to skill out to the weapon's 1/2D range), Enhanced Imaging Scopes (+3 on aimed fire), and gains the benefit of the suit's targeting computer (+2 to skill on all attacks; all on p. UT149). In the hands of someone capable of using them, Protoss weapons require no ammunition or external power.

Kinetic Weapons (see p. UT128)
Weapons which use direct telekinetic force are relatively rare on the battlefield (finding more use as personal weapons among law enforcement), but a few are useful in support roles.

Phase Disruptors (Anti-Particle Blasters; see p. UT124)
These weapons fire anti-matter bolts sheathed in psionically-charged fields, creating deep-penetrating concussive explosions at the target. Effective against even heavily-armored targets, the explosive damage is also good against large groups of lighter units.

Photon (Particle) Blasters (p. UT123)
A high-powered multispectral laser is focused through a psi-crystal lens, producing a beam of hyper-energized photons, which both instantly super-heats and electrically-charges the affected location, easily penetrating most physical armor. Critical hits can disable electrical targets, per the Surge effect (device or vehicle HT, plus hardening mods, to resist).

Thermal Ray
A thermal ray psychokinetically excites the target's molecules, turning its own atomic structure against it. Projected over a wide area, the effects doesn't penetrate very deeply, but turns the entire environment into white-hot fire; focused in a tight beam, it burns through the target's molecular structure.

Force Blades (p. UT166)
Protoss melee weapons mostly consist of focused psychokinetic energy blades in powered hilts. Psi-Blades resemble a Thermal Ray, using psychokinetic force to excite and sever molecular bonds; Warp Blades use a contained space-time rift to scatter the target's constituent atoms, effectively dissolving its mass with each strike.

Protoss Battlesuit & Cybershell Weapons

Protoss Sidearms

Protoss Vehicular Weapons

Force Blades

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