Artificially-intelligent recon and battlefield-engineering drones, Ravens have sophisticated sensor suites, and can deploy a variety of automated and smart weapons.

Raven” Recon / Defense Drone

ST: 50 HP: 50 Speed: 8.00
DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 16/64 (Air)
IQ: 12 Per: 16
HT: 14 FP: - SM: +3
Dodge: 12 Parry: - DR: 90

Auto-Turret: 3 Ready maneuvers and a Dropping roll, from a height of no more than 10yd, to deploy an auto-targeting weapon turret, linked to the unit's TacNet and IFF. Each turret is Size 0, DR 60, HP 20, HT 12, Machine, no active defense.

Machine Gun Turret: A standard machine gun on a 360-degree swivel mount attacks any enemy that comes in range (at full RoF) with skill 15, as long as the enemy is moving. It has enough ammo to fire continuously at full RoF for 60 seconds; when empty, it shuts down and becomes inoperable (although still salvageable). A standard Raven loadout includes 10 Auto-Turrets.

Point Defense Drone: Fires high-energy laser (6dx2(2) burn) at incoming enemy projectiles, attempting to detonate or destroy them before they hit a friendly unit. The drone attempts Parry Missile Weapons-12 against the first 3 enemy missiles (projectiles of any kind, but not energy beams or bolts, nor cones, jets, or streams) that pass within 100 yds of it, each turn. It has enough power to fire 180 times; when empty, it shuts down and becomes inoperable (although still salvageable). Rocket-powered missiles are intercepted at +2; hyper-velocity projectiles (Gauss or APEP ammo, hydralisk spines, any projectile with armor divisor 3 or more) at -1. (Warp missiles can't be intercepted, since they don't cross intervening space.) A standard Raven loadout includes 10 Point Defense Drones.

Seeker Missile: Single 100mm missile launcher, incapable of direct fire, but able to lock a homing missile onto a target (Aim), fire and forget. A standard Raven loadout includes “enough” 100mm HEX and Shaped-Charge missiles.

Traits: AI; Automaton; Machine; Combat Reflexes; Enhanced Move 2 (Air); Flight; See Invisibility (“Detector Unit”); Telescopic Vision 4; Cowardice (9); Electric (Hardened, HT +3); No Legs (Aerial); No Manipulators.

Skills: Artillery (Guided Missile)-16; Dropping-16; Observation-20.

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