A support/defensive hovering combat drone, with advanced force-field projectors, and a repulsor beam which is more likely to knock the target around (or down) than kill. The standard Force Field creates a shimmering wall of force equivalent to normal Plasma Shields, which can be used to obstruct battlefield movement; Guardian Shields bolster the Plasma Shields of nearby Protoss allies, giving them “Hardened Shields” (units who already have Hardened Shield, like the Immortal, gain 1 additional level of Damage Reduction, IT:DR 3).

ST: 50 HP: 50 Speed: 8.00
DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 16 (Contragrav)
IQ: 10 Per: 12
HT: 14 FP: - SM: +1
Dodge: 11 Parry: 14

DR: 120 (Armor) + 60 (Plasma Shields)

Repulsor Beam (20): Damage 6dx4 cr dkb; Acc 8; Range 500/1500; RoF 4; Rcl 1. (dDmg 2d+2.)

Force Field: Plasma Shield (DR 60, Area Effect, 8yd; Persistent, 10 sec; Ranged, 10/100; Wall, Rigid).

Guardian Shield: All Protoss allies within 8yd gain Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction 2).

TK Punch (16): 5d+1 cr, Reach C-20. (dDmg 1d-2.)

Traits: Protoss Robot; Combat Reflexes; Flight (Low Ceiling, 5 ft; Psionic); Telekinesis 50; No Legs (Aerial).

Skills: Innate Attack-20.

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