Top of the line security/enforcement droid from Weylan-Yutani Corporation. Standard loadout includes a deadly array of military weaponry, and a plasma-shock array for use against those who attempt to engage it in melee combat.

ST: 100 HP: 100 Speed: 8.00 (ETS)
DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 11
IQ: 9 Per: 14
HT: 16 FP: - SM: +2
Dodge: 12 Parry: -

DR: 120 (Hardened 1; Triple vs. Shaped Charges)

Standard Armaments: 2 x C-141A Shredder; 2 x K-12 Punisher Quad Rocket Launcher.

Traits: Absolute Direction; AI; Automaton; Cannot Float; Danger Sense; Doesn't Breath; Electrical (Hardened, +8); Enhanced Time Sense; Extra Attack 2; High Pain Threshold; Hyperspectral Vision; Indomitable; Machine; Nictitating Membrane 50; No Fine Manipulators; No Sense of Taste/Smell; Peripheral Vision; Pressure Support 2; Protected Senses (Hearing, Vision); See Invisible (Detector Unit)*; Sealed; Static (Psi)*; Unfazeable; Vacuum Support.

Skills: Artillery (Guided Missile)-16; Gunner (Cannon, Machine Guns, and Rockets)-22; Electronics Operation (EW, Sensors)-16.

*A psi-disruptor (-9 to spot or target in combat; disabled by inflicting at least 35 points of injury) protects it from psionic attack or control; hacking the wireless uplink would require too long to accomplish in combat. If the psi-disruptor is destroyed, a SID unit still resists hacking with Will.

*An advanced terrahertz imaging radar unit (targeted as above) easily tracks invisible enemies.

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