Sidearms, Small Arms, and Backups

Most Marines like to keep a little something handy, for close encounters – a sidearm, combat knife, and boot knife at the very least, all of which can easily be carried within any Terran battlesuit. Standard and heavy battlesuits (but not light/scout suits) have a compartment for a single weapon of up to Bulk -4, intended for when the wearer removes the suit.

“C-7 Stinger” Gauss Pistol, 8mm – Guns (Pistol)
A standard military sidearm, favored by officers, pilots, and REMFs. Able to pierce light armor, but mostly useless against battlesuits, armored vehicles, Protoss force fields, and Zerg chitin.
Statistics: Damage 3d+3(3) pi; Acc 3; Range 500/2100; RoF 3; Shots 40(3); Bulk -2; Rcl 2; ST 9. Weight 2 lbs (+3 lbs). (dDmg 1d-4(3).)


“M-41A Pulse Rifle” (Storm Carbine), 10mm – Guns (Rifle)
A common light (non-battlesuit) infantry weapon, favored for its great versatility, and capable of firing deluxe military-grade ammo that has a chance even against heavy targets. The standard under-barrel pump-action grenade launcher gives the user even more options for killing and blowing stuff up.
Statistics: Damage 7d pi+; Acc 4; Range 700/2100; RoF 10; Shots 60(3) or 30/30(3); Bulk -4; Rcl 3; ST 10†. Weight 10 lbs (+10 lbs, +5 lbs for one kind of 40mm, or +20 lbs for all kinds).
Under-barrel Grenade Launcher, 40mm: Damage by 40mm grenade; Acc 2; Range 360/2000; RoF 1; Shots 5(3); Rcl 3; ST 10†.
APEP: 9d(3) pi. (dDmg 1d(3).)
APHEX: 7d(2) pi+, follow-up 1d-4 cr ex [1d-2]. (dDmg 1d-2(2), follow-up 1.)

“P-38 Scythe” Gauss Heavy Machine Pistol, 8mm – Guns (SMG)
This heavy Gauss submachine gun is a signature weapon of Reaper jet-pack infantry Marines, who customarily wield one in each hand. The hail of hypervelocity spikes it puts in the air will take down lightly-armored foes, but is of limited use against harder targets, leaving it in the realm of small arms.
Statistics: Damage 6d(3) pi; Acc 3; Range 500/2100; RoF 20; Shots 100(3); Bulk -3; Rcl 2; ST 10. Weight 3 lbs (+10 lbs). (dDmg 1d-2(3).)

“SR-8 Torrent” Gauss CAWS (Combat Shotgun), 18.5mm – Guns (Shotgun)
An electromagnetic “Close Assault Weapon System,” the Torrent is most commonly employed in urban building-to-building warfare, but can fire advanced military-grade slugs that make it formidable even against heavily armored targets.
Statistics: Damage by ammo; Acc 4; Range 200/1000; RoF 15; Shots 60(3) or 30/30(3); ST 10†; Bulk -4; Rcl 3. Weight 10 lbs (+15 lbs).
APEP Slug: 10d(3) pi+. (dDmg 1d(3).)
APHEX Slug: 8d(2) pi++, follow-up 1d-1 cr ex [1d]. (dDmg 1d-1(2), follow-up 1.)
Shotshell: 2d(3) pi; Range 100/500; RoF 15x9; Rcl 1. (dDmg 1(3).)

“Z-50 Slugger” Gauss Shotgun Pistol, 18.5mm – Guns (Shotgun)
A powerful and versatile heavy sidearm (read: hand-cannon), popular among those who like to take their target's whole head off, and don't mind a little kick.
Statistics: Damage by 18.5mm ammo (see Gauss Combat Shotgun, above); Acc 2; Range 200/1000; RoF 3; Shots 20(3); Bulk -3; Rcl 4; ST 12. Weight 3 lbs (+10 lbs).

Neosteel Boot Knife
Small, razor-sharp, and exquisitely balanced for melee, throwing, or shaving.
Statistics: Small Knife, Balanced (+1 skill), Superfine blade (UT163). Damage sw-1(2) cut (Reach C,1) or thr+1(2) imp (Reach C); Parry -1; ST 5. Throwable. Weight 0.5 lb.

Neosteel Combat Knife
A “survival knife” so big, it makes Rambo uncomfortable.
Statistics: Long Knife (p. MA228), Balanced (+1 skill), Superfine blade (UT163). Damage sw+1(2) cut or thr+2(2) imp; Reach C,1; Parry 0; ST 8. Weight 1 lb.

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