Siege Tank

"AAV-5 Arclight" Siege Tank – Driving (Tracked)
Combination main battle tank and heavy artillery, the siege tank can shift between mobile and braced/stationary (“siege”) modes. Mobile mode allows use of the 100mm cannon for direct-fire (using Gunner skill), while siege mode raises the cannon to fire in ballistic arcs (using Artillery skill) – increasing range by 5 times. It takes 10 seconds to shift between modes.
Statistics: dST/dHP 30; Hnd -3; SR 5; HT 13; Move 2/30; LWt. 100; Load 5; SM +6(+5); Occ 2PVS; dDR 70/55; Loc g2Tt.

Front/Upper Hull
[1-5] Armor (dDR 70)
[6] Major Battery: Top Turret Tank Cannon, 100mm (dDmg 6dx3, by warhead)

Central Hull
[1-5] Armor (dDR 70); Standard Machine Gun Mount
[6] Transformation System
[Core] Control Room (2 PVS)
1. Comms; 2. Sensors; 3. Computer; 4. Life Support; 5. Controls; 6. Pilot

Rear/Lower Hull
[1-4] Armor (dDR 55)
[5-6] Tracks
[Core] Power Core

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