Sniper Rifles

Stats include bonus for Very Fine quality, as well as Enhanced Targeting Scopes (p. UT149); the latter doesn't stack with the ETS bonus for smart-guns connected to a battlesuit's targeting computer.

“BOSUN FN92” Anti-Material Rifle, 15mm – Guns (Rifle)
A common sniper rifle with exceptional range and accuracy, which fires the same devastating 15mm rounds as the Heavy Chaingun.
Statistics: Damage 15d pi+; Acc 8+3; Range 2000/9000; RoF 3; Shots 20(3); ST 12B†; Bulk -6; Rcl 4. Weight 30 lbs (+20 lbs).
APHEX: 15d(2) pi+, follow-up 1d-2 cr ex [1d-1]. (dDmg 1d+2(2), follow-up 1.)
APEP: 19d(3) pi. (dDmg 2d(3).)


“C-10” Canister (Payload) Rifle, 25mm – Guns (Rifle)
Standard-issue for Ghost Recon (if anything can be said to be “standard” about Ghosts), this rifle can fire the full assortment of 25mm ammo available to the Assault Cannon, thus delivering exactly the right kind of ouch for the job at hand.
Statistics: Damage 10d pi++; Acc 8+3; Range 700/8500; RoF 3; Shots 10(3); ST 12B†; Bulk -6; Rcl 4. Weight 30 lbs (+20 lbs).
APHEX: 10d(2) pi++, follow-up 1d cr ex [1d+1]. (dDmg 1d(2), follow-up 1.)
APEP: 13d(3) pi+. (dDmg 1d+1(3).)
EMP: Electrical targets with 2yd roll HT-8(2) or disabled.
HEX: 10d(0.5) pi++, follow-up 4d cr ex [1d+1]. (dDmg 1d(0.5), follow-up 1d-4.)
Thermobaric: 8d cr ex inc. (dDmg 1d-1.)

“Hyper-Velocity Mass-Driver (HVMD),” Portable Railgun, 20mm – Guns (Rifle)
For the sniper who takes “one shot one kill” seriously, this railgun hurls a massive 20mm slug at many times the speed of sound. If the target survives, it's probably not the gun's fault.
Statistics: Damage 6dx4(3) pi++; Acc 8+3; Range 6000/24000; RoF 1; Shots 10(3); ST 12B†; Bulk -7; Rcl 3. Weight 30 lbs (+20 lbs). (dDmg 2d+1(3).)

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