“T-280 SCV” Space Construction Vehicle

A non-combat (though still military) powered and lightly armored utility exoskeleton, fitted with tools for construction, repair & salvage, mining, etc. Although stronger and more versatile than a Techie's Light Combat Suit, they tend not to survive heavy combat situations, and see more use in bases than on the battlefield.

Advantages & Components: As Powered Combat Suit, but DR 40/20*, Lifting ST +12, Striking ST +8, no Auto-Loader, IR-Cloaking, Radar Stealth, Stim-Pack Injector, Tactical ESM, or Weapon Mounts. Although linked into the TacNet system, the suit has no targeting or tactical software of its own; instead, it has technical software, like that in the Techie's Light Combat Suit (but the embedded computer is only Complexity 5). The suit includes built-in Large Fire Extinguisher (p. UT87) and Heavy Laser/Plasma Torch (4d(2) cut inc or 4d(5) burn, p. UT80). Two modular tool mounts (the arms) are used to attach heavy, task-specific power tools (diamond drills, industrial clamps, etc); they could be modified for use as awkward Weapon Mounts (-1 to attack), but without further modification, the suit's computer lacks targeting systems. Use of the suit gives +2 to all relevant construction and repair tasks.

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