Standard Battlesuit Weapons

The following are common battlesuit infantry weapons. The C-14 Impaler is “standard issue,” but the demands of alien warfare require much more versatility than even that formidable weapon can offer. Armaments can be tailored to missions with specific, known requirements that make certain choices optimal, or a platoon can carry a mixed loadout, hoping to be ready for anything.

“AGR-17 Thunderbolt” Assault Cannon, 25mm – Gunner (Cannon)
Unquestionably the most versatile standard battlesuit weapon, able to pack whatever kind of wallop may be needed, but paying for this in slower rate of fire and lower damage-per-hit. Still, a good bet for the Marine who doesn't know what he's going to be shooting at.
Statistics: Damage 10d pi++; Acc 6; Range 700/8500; RoF 8; Shots 40(5); ST 20M; Bulk -8; Rcl 2. Weight 75 lbs (+100 lbs).
APHEX: 10d(2) pi++, follow-up 1d cr ex [1d+1]. (dDmg 1d(2), follow-up 1.)
APEP: 13d(3) pi+. (dDmg 1d+1(3).)
EMP: Electrical targets with 2yd roll HT-8(2) or disabled.
HEX: 10d(0.5) pi++, follow-up 4d cr ex [1d+1]. (dDmg 1d(0.5), follow-up 1d-4.)
Thermobaric: 8d cr ex inc. (dDmg 1d-1.)

“C-14 Impaler” Gauss Machine Gun, 8mm – Gunner (Machine Gun)
The M-16 of battlesuit weapons, this heavy Gauss gun is a one-trick pony – but it's a pretty good trick: hurling lots of armor-piercing hypervelocity spikes at the target. High rate of fire allows easy spreading of shots between multiple targets.
Statistics: Damage 16d(3) pi; Acc 6; Range 3000/12000; RoF 20; Shots 200(5); ST 20M; Bulk -8; Rcl 2. Weight 75 lbs (+100 lbs). (dDmg 1d+2(3) pi.)


“C-141A Shredder" Gauss Minigun, 7mm – Gunner (Machine Gun)
Like the Impaler, the Gauss minigun does one thing, but it does it well. It trades damage-per-hit for an insane rate of fire, allowing the gunner to blanket an area.
Statistics: Damage 10d(3) pi; Acc 6; Range 1800/7200; RoF 100; Shots 1000(5); ST 20M; Bulk -8; Rcl 2. Weight 75 lbs (+100 lbs). (dDmg 1d(3).)

“E-9 Jackhammer” Heavy Chaingun, 15mm – Gunner (Machine Gun)
Splitting the difference between the versatile assault cannon and the deadly Gauss machine guns, this powerful chaingun can fire hard-hitting armor piercing or explosive rounds at a decent rate.
Statistics: Damage 15d pi+; Acc 6; Range 2000/9000; RoF 12; Shots 60(5); ST 20M; Bulk -8; Rcl 2. Weight 75 lbs (+100 lbs).
APHEX: 15d(2) pi+, follow-up 1d-2 cr ex [1d-1]. (dDmg 1d+2(2), follow-up 1.)
APEP: 19d(3) pi. (dDmg 2d(3).)

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