Subject 412

An experimental "Cyber-Zerg," designed by Weyland-Yutani to provide a technological interface in control of a Zerg organism, has resulting in the opposite: the Zerg organism has taken over the cybernetic systems.

ST: 90 HP: 120 Speed: 11.00 (ETS)
DX: 16 Will: 15 Move: 12/24
IQ: 12 Per: 15
HT: 16 FP: 16 SM: +1
Dodge: 15 Parry: 14

DR: 120 (Hardened 1).

Bite (20): 10d+9(3) imp, Reach C,1.

Claws (20): 10d+20(3) cut or imp, Reach C-2.

Traits: Zerg; Berserk (6); Bestial; Bloodlust (6); Clinging; Danger Sense; Daredevil; Discriminatory Hearing; Enhanced Move 1 (Ground); Enhanced Time Sense; Extra Attack 2; Extra Legs (6); Flexibility; Focused Fury; Hyperspectral Vision; Mind Shield 4; No Fine Manipulators; Perfect Balance; Peripheral Vision; See Invisible (Detector Unit; Terrahertz Imaging Radar)*; Silence 1; Static (Psi)*; Super Climbing 6 (Move 12); Super Jump 2 (High Jump 8 yd, Broad Jump 31 yd); Vibration Sense.

Skills: Acrobatics-18; Brawling-20; Climbing-20; Jumping-20; Running-16; Stealth-18; Tracking-16; Wrestling-18.

*A psi-disruptor (-9 to spot or target in combat; disabled by inflicting at least 35 points of injury) protects it from psionic attack or control; hacking the wireless uplink would require too long to accomplish in combat. If the psi-disruptor is destroyed, a SID unit still resists hacking with Will.

*An advanced terrahertz imaging radar unit (targeted as above) easily tracks invisible enemies.

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