Terran Equipment

Terran technology is recognizably Earth-like, advanced along more-or-less “conventional sci-fi” lines into a distinctively human (if highly militarized) interstellar civilization. Portable fusion power provides essentially limitless energy; military equipment from the size of a battle-suit on up comes standard with an integral 100-year power core. Cyberware is common, particularly in the military; cutting edge medicine is based on wet micro- and nano-tech. Electronics and communications still use advanced forms of conventional electromagnetic models; quantum processors allow for unbreakable encryption and sophisticated (but as yet, sub-sapient) AI. Nano-facturing processes allow the production of advanced materials, from laminate armor to mono-molecular threads. Robotics technology is ubiquitous: powered exoskeletons in armor and work vehicles, transforming multi-role military vehicles, and pre-fab structures which all but assemble themselves (requiring just a lonely SCV to coordinate and spot-weld). Projectile weapons are still the norm, with soldiers and vehicles alike using Gauss/EM mass drivers, caseless conventional firearms, and various explosive warheads with guided rocket-propelled delivery systems.

In GURPS terms, Terrans are roughly TL9-10 (Cyberpunkish/Early Nanotech), with select super-science (TL^) devices and technologies, most prominently including FTL comms and travel (“warp drive”). All electronic devices and components are Rugged and Hardened (HT +3 vs. EMP, physical trauma, surges, etc), and feature smart electronics (p. B278) – if connected to a battlesuit or other HUD-capable system, they display status information in the suit's HUD, and can be controlled via neural input.

Terran Armor

Terran Weapons

SpecOps Computers

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