Terran Templates

Terran Space Marines
A typical Terran military campaign will probably feature a mix of Infantry and Support Marines, possibly with multiple PCs per player (as in the introductory scenario).

As an individual PC, a standard (non-Ghost) Terran will need a few hundred points' worth of additional abilities (improved attributes & skills, cinematic traits like Gunslinger and Luck, etc) to stand alongside a Ghost Recon or Protoss Warrior PC.

Ghost Recon
The only Terrans on even footing with Protoss characters, Ghosts are most likely to be PCs in either a "Ghost-only" or "Psionic Terrans and Protoss only" campaign.

  • Ghost Recon (Base Template), 400 points
  • Ghost Officer or NCO, +50 points
  • Pilot, +100 points
  • Science Officer, +100 points
  • Scout Sniper, +100 points
  • Techie, +100 points
  • Weapon Master, +100 points
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