Terran Vehicles

All Space Marine combat vehicles have integrated computer systems and sensor suites equivalent to those installed in battlesuits (i.e. Hyperspectral Imaging optics, Multi-Comms, and Unit-Linked TacNet Computers with piloting, system, and targeting software). Vehicular computers are larger than suit-based ones – usually a Complexity 6 Microframe in SM +5 or smaller vehicles, Complexity 7 Mainframes in SM +6 or +7, etc – but in most cases the extra capacity is used by vehicular systems, leaving little or no room to run other software.

These vehicles are created with a stripped-down version of the system from the GURPS Spaceships line, including optional rules from Pyramid magazine, intended for quick and easy use in tactical or mass combat.

Terran Ground Vehicles

Terran Aerospace Vehicles

Heavy Vehicular Weapons

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