Terrans, aka Humans, migrated to the Koprulu Sector on generation ships a few hundred years ago. They've since managed to colonize many habitable planets throughout the sector, establish large-scale industrial and commercial enterprises, gather into interstellar Confederacies and Dominions, and fight various civil wars and coups d'etat for control of those empires and enterprises (and/or simple self-determination, i.e. freedom from Confederacies, Dominions, and empires). They've also made contact with at least two other sapient species, the Protoss and the Zerg … contact which has been, by and large, extremely hostile.

Terran technology is around TL9-10, featuring advanced-but-recognizable versions of 21st Century human devices and developments — silicon computers, fusion energy, chemical explosives and propellants, etc. Micro-scale (and emerging nano-scale) processes have revolutionized medicine and materials; those advances, and breakthroughs in cutting-edge physics combined with a deeper understanding of psionic energy, have brought about the few super-science technologies in Terran hands — primarily warp-drive (and FTL comms) and cloaking devices, with a few miscellaneous TL^ weapons (plasma flamers, monowire, psi-jammers, etc).

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