Vulture” Recon Hover-Bike – Driving (Hovercraft)
A turbo-boosted “Hover-Harley,” with twin front-mounted Gauss grenade launchers, mostly for recon and light hit-and-run missions. It also comes standard with a Spider-Mine deployment system, able to plant 64mm warheads-with-legs. It takes 1 second to deploy a mine (3 seconds for the auto-loader to prep the next one), whereupon it burrows itself into the ground, with only a camouflaged passive sensor peeking out (Vision -8 to detect). When it detects enemy units (using tactical IFF to keep from blowing up friendlies), it bursts from the ground and rushes (Move 12) at the enemy, trying to get to a place where it can cause optimal damage, and detonates.
Statistics: dST/dHP 10; Hnd -1; SR 3; HT 13; Move 10/100; LWt. 3; Load 0.3; SM +3; Occ 1+1; dDR 12/6; Loc 2H.

Front/Upper Hull
[1-4] Armor (dDR 12)
[5-6] Two Auto EM-GLs, 40mm (RoF 6x2)

Central Hull
[1-4] Armor (dDR 12)
[5-6] Open Passenger
[Core] Open Control Room (1)
1. Comms; 2. Sensors; 3. Computer; 4. Life Support; 5. Controls; 6. Pilot

Rear/Lower Hull
[1-2] Armor (dDR 6)
[3] Spider-Mine Deployer, 64mm
[4-5] Turbo Boosters (Activated for any speed above Move 50)
[6] Hover-Jets
[Core] Power Core

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