Warp Prism

Warp Prism - Transport Ship

A robotic transport ship which converts passengers and cargo into psionic energy patterns. Although there's no meaningful weight restriction to what can be converted, more massive subjects (or more powerful in spite of having no mass, as in the case of Archons) have more complex patterns; a Warp Prism's cargo limit is thus based on its computer storage capacity rather than its physical size. This allows a warp prism to carry vehicles that exceed its own mass, including the great Colossi.
Statistics: dST/dHP 30; Hnd 0 (+4); SR 4; HT 14; Move 20/120; LWt. 10K; Load *; SM +6; Occ AI+*; dDR 25 (+50 Plasma Shields); Loc Gwi. Streamlined, winged.
*One Size +7 (Colossus), two Size +6 (Reaver), four Size +4 or +3 (Archons, cybershells), eight Size +1 (powered infantry), or an equivalent combination.

Front/Upper Hull
[1-2] Armor (dDR 25)
[3-4] Plasma Shield Generators (dDR 50)
[5-6] Passenger Matrix

Central Hull
[1-2] Armor (dDR 25)
[3-6] Passenger Matrix
[Core] Computer Core

Rear/Lower Hull
[1-2] Armor (dDR 25)
[3] Cargo Matrix
[4] Warp Drive
[5-6] Contragrav Engines
[Core] Power Core

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