“CF/A-17G Wraith” Air/Space Stealth Superiority Fighter – Piloting (Aerospace & Vertol)
Primarily an aerospace superiority fighter, with limited ground-assault capabilities in the form of a front-mounted strike laser. It has advanced stealth/cloaking systems, like the Banshee's (in fact, the Banshee's systems were adapted from previous-generation Wraiths), and often flies escort for the latter on stealthy strike missions.
Statistics: dST/dHP 20; Hnd 0 (+3); SR 4; HT 13; Move 5/180; LWt. 30; Load 1.5; SM +5; Occ 1PVS; dDR 12; Loc Gwi2t. Streamlined, winged.

Front/Upper Hull
[1-3] Armor (dDR 12)
[4] Major Battery: Strike Laser (4d(2) burn)
[5-6] Major Battery: 2 Missile Racks, 100mm (RoF 7x2)

Central Hull
[1-3] Armor (dDR 12)
[4] Warp Drive
[5-6] Cloaking Device: When activated, detection requires a roll at -10.
[Core] Control Room (PVS)
1. Comms; 2. Sensors; 3. Computer; 4. Life Support; 5. Controls; 6. Pilot

Rear/Lower Hull
[1-3] Armor (dDR 12)
[4] Warp Drive
[5] Primary Thrusters
[6] Vertol Engines
[Core] Power Core

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