Zerg are a highly aggressive hive-mind species, evidently the result of genetic and psionic engineering by a highly-advanced Precursor race (probably the same Xel'Naga that the Protoss worship). Their technology is entirely High Bio-Tech (TL10-12^), capable of making "evolutionary" adaptations in form and function, for virtually any situation or environment … and then of spawning wave after wave of custom-made Zerg organisms that make optimal use of these adaptations. They do this by consuming bio-mass … i.e., by eating virtually anything organic that they can find. This puts them at odds with any life-form that doesn't wish to be consumed for its bio-mass.

Most individual Zerg aren't sapient on their own, and become feral and bestial in the absence of the hive-mind. The "brood-mothers" and "overlords" who direct a particular hive can develop something that resembles an individual personality, but in most cases, an "individual" Zerg is a particular hive-mind, which may consist of thousands or millions of organisms. Psionically-powerful individuals of other races have been seen to take control of individual Zerg, entire Hives, or even multi-hive Swarms.

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