Zerg Meta-Trait

All Zerg can survive unprotected in environments that are deadly to both Terrans and Protoss, and generally possess as inherent characteristics many of the capabilities that the other races rely on technology for. This includes a continuous connection to the telepathic-gestalt hive mind, which functions as a psionic comm network.

Zerg (Meta-Trait)
Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Doesn't Breathe; High Pain Threshold; Indomitable; Infravision; Injury Tolerance (Unliving); Mindlink (10 billion; Psionic; Racial; Vague); Night Vision 9; Permeation (Earth; Finite Thickness: Only enough to burrow); Reduced Consumption 4 (Cast-Iron Stomach); Regeneration (1 HP/min, or 1 HP/sec in the Hive Cluster); Regrowth; Radiation Tolerance 5; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+8); Sealed; Telesend (Broadcast; Psionic; Racial); Temperature Tolerance 10; Unfazeable; Vacuum Support. • Most have Claws (Long Talons, Armor Divisor 2) and/or Teeth (Fangs, Sharp Beak, or Sharp Teeth, Armor Divisor 2).

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous); Bloodlust (12); Fanaticism (Extreme: Zerg Hive); Unusual Biochemistry. • Individual Zerg with IQ less than 10 have Cannot Speak and Hidebound (9). • “Feral” Zerg, unconnected to a hive-mind, lose Mindlink and Telesend, have -15-point Bestial instead of Fanaticism, and a form of Reprogrammable that allows them to be taken over by psionic Mind Control.

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